Zambia says president is fine after fainting at public event on Sunday

Zambia says president is fine after fainting at public event on Sunday


The Zambian Presidency has assured the population that the president, Edgar Lungu, is well after suffering a blackout on Sunday when he presided over the official events for Armed Forces Day.

The Secretary of the Zambian Presidency, Simon Miti, has indicated through a statement that Lungu “suffered a sudden dizziness” and added that “he recovered immediately, walked to the official car and returned to his residence in the Presidency.”

“The president wants to assure the public, all concerned citizens and the international community that he is well and that he continues to carry out his tasks as head of state, head of government and commander-in-chief of the Army,” he added.

During the event, Lungu had demanded that the Army maintain its neutrality in political matters and highlighted the “exemplary conduct” of the Armed Forces, as reported by the Zambian daily ‘Lusaka Times’.

Later, he indicated in statements to the press that he will not hesitate to use his constitutional powers to face any type of episode of violence during the presidential elections in August, in which he will seek re-election.

Lungu said that the government is aware that the opposition is preparing to cause violent incidents and stressed that it has a responsibility to enforce the laws in the African country.

Zambia’s Constitutional Court ruled on Friday in favor of Lungu being allowed to run in the upcoming August elections, considering that he would have only served one presidential term, and not two as argued by the opposition.

The Constitutional Court alleged that when he took office in 2015, after the death of Michael Sata, he did not fully serve a term, but merely finished that of his predecessor. On the contrary, the opposition argues that Lungu would already serve his second term.

The High Court’s decision comes at a time when Zambia is grappling with one of its worst economic crises, after it substantially reduced the excess debt it carried before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, causing the country to has had to request help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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