US MP Tlaib's reaction to Democratic Congress leaders: No freedom of expression for Muslim women

US MP Tlaib’s reaction to Democratic Congress leaders: No freedom of expression for Muslim women

The last Ilhan Omar debate in the US Congress between the progressive wing and the liberal wing, including Muslim deputies, reached as far as Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Pelosi and other Democratic leaders jointly issued a written statement against Omar, who compared the US and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban in a statement, saying that everyone has freedom of expression, but equating the US and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban is “a very dangerous thing.” argued that “approach”.

Muslim deputies in the House of Representatives, Tlaib and Omar, who reacted to Pelosi’s statement shortly after, said that the incident had shifted to an Islamophobic line.

In his first statement on the subject, Omar emphasized that his aim was not to “equalize terrorist organizations and democratic countries”, and stated that he only expressed a distortion regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Reacting to the Democratic leaders’ statement, Omar said, referring to some Republican Congressmen who openly targeted them, “We serve in Congress with Islamophobic figures like Mo Brooks, and our Democratic colleagues are legitimizing this dangerous rhetoric rather than condemning him. Will you stand up openly against it?” used the phrases.

Reacting to the incident, Tlaib also made a statement on his Twitter account to Democratic members of Congress, “There is no freedom of expression for Muslim women in Congress. There is no room for suspicion for Muslim women in Congress. Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives should be ashamed of this brutal and discriminatory policing of women of color in Congress.” called out.

– It started with Omar’s question to Blinken

Asking Foreign Minister Antony Blinken about “why the US and Israel do not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court” at the House of Representatives session on Monday, Omar shared a Twitter post on the subject.

Omar shared, “We need to have the same degree of accountability and justice for victims of crimes against humanity. We have witnessed mind-blowing crimes by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban. I asked Minister Blinken where the victims should seek justice.” had used the words.

Reacting to Omar’s comparison of the USA and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban, the majority of the Jewish Democrat deputies published a statement, arguing that Omar’s statement was “an attack and misdirection” and that they expected an apology and explanation.


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