Trump's 'Putin' warning to Biden

Trump’s ‘Putin’ warning to Biden

Trump’s ‘Putin’ warning to Biden

In his written statement, Trump stated that he had a very productive meeting with Putin in Helsinki during his presidency and said, “Contrary to the way the belated fake press reflects the meeting, ABD At this meeting, Putin and RussiaHe had won many things, even the respect of .

According to the news of AA; Describing the Russia investigation against him as “a ploy funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats”, Trump said that despite the difficulties caused by this investigation, he maintains good relations with Putin and Russia.

Regarding the Biden-Putin Summit that will take place in Geneva on June 16, Trump said, “I wish (US President Joe) Biden good luck in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden, do not fall asleep during the meeting and convey my most sincere wishes to Putin. ” used the phrase.

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