The National Elections Jury of Peru rejects the "lack of objectivity" of some Peruvian media

The National Elections Jury of Peru rejects the “lack of objectivity” of some Peruvian media


The Tribunal of Honor of the Electoral Ethical Pact of the National Elections Jury (JNE) has rejected this Thursday the “lack of objectivity and fairness” of “some” Peruvian media “in the coverage of activities of political parties.”

This has been expressed by the Tribunal of Honor of the Ethical Electoral Pact of the Peruvian entity through Twitter, where it has shared a statement in which it has exhorted the media “to collaborate with the strengthening of freedom of information and thought, as well as with peacekeeping “in the country.

“The media have a fundamental role in the dissemination of accurate and timely information, as well as in the promotion of citizenship education and in the formation of public opinion (…). The media have the responsibility to contribute to a climate of respect in the electoral campaign, having to respect the principles of equity, truthfulness, objectivity and democratic pluralism “, he stressed.

In this context, it has recognized the statement of the Ethics Court of the Peruvian Press Council, which has shown its concern about the lack of objectivity of the media in the framework of the presidential elections, led by the leftist Pedro Castillo, from Peru Libre. , in front of the conservative Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular.

In this way, the Court of Honor has insisted that the media use its platforms for the “dissemination of inaccurate and biased information”, as well as the “improper use of images of public figures to favor or stereotype one of the political organizations” , constitutes, as it has asserted, “a lack of ethics” and “a violation of the citizens’ right to information.”


The JNE Court of Honor has issued this statement after also condemning on Thursday the statements of “presumed indications of electoral fraud” issued by Fujimori, which have “indicated the need to go out into the streets without showing reliable evidence.”

Thus, he has branded the affirmations of the conservative candidate as “irresponsible” because, “without evidence involved”, “they feed a climate of May social polarization and contribute to the weakening of credibility in electoral bodies.” For this reason, it has demanded that the political formations and their militants “respect the official electoral results.

With the total of the records processed and 99.408 percent of the records counted, Pedro Castillo leads the vote with 50.1 percent of the votes, while Fujimori accumulates 48.8 percent.

The interim president of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, has called in this regard to the candidates and their followers to maintain “calm and tranquility” until the results are made official, since it is presumed that this will take due to the minutes contested by the aspirants, reports TV Peru.

“The emergency transition government proposed among its objectives to restore the trust of citizens and restore hope,” he added after a meeting with the OAS Observer Mission, to highlight that the electoral process has been “clean and transparent “.

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