Stoltenberg affirms that NATO opens a "new chapter" and claims its unity after the arrival of Biden

Stoltenberg affirms that NATO opens a “new chapter” and claims its unity after the arrival of Biden

Bet on deterrence and dialogue with Russia and says that China is not an “enemy”


The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has assured that the organization “opens a new chapter” with the summit of leaders this Monday, which will be attended by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, a president “committed” to the link ocean liner, after the turmoil that marked the era of Donald Trump.

Upon his arrival at the meeting, Stoltenberg said that the summit comes at an “essential” moment for NATO, which coincides with its adaptation to new security and defense challenges such as the international rise of China and the greater assertiveness of Russia.

In this context, the NATO political chief hopes that around the new agenda and the renewed strategic concept, the summit will serve to “open a new chapter” in the Alliance and send a message of strength and unity.

The appointment is marked by the attendance of Biden, who is in Europe on his first foreign visit since he arrived at the White House. “I welcome having a president committed to NATO and for the United States and Europe to work together in NATO. Biden has shown a high level of confidence in the transatlantic tie and is a good message to allies,” Stoltenberg said. , when asked about the role of the North American leader.

In this sense, he has not hidden that, during Trump’s time in the White House, the organization lived through “challenging debates”, but, in his opinion, it has proven its usefulness and that it is above “individual leaders.” “NATO showed that we continue to fulfill our task of defense and deterrence. We will always have different leaders, but with a strong organization we can forge cooperation that goes beyond individual leaders,” he stressed at the entrance to the summit.

The former Norwegian prime minister has also had good words for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who faces her last NATO appointment before leaving office in September. “She is a leader who has helped to strengthen the Alliance and the bond between the United States and Europe,” he valued.


On the international issues that will mark the summit, Stoltenberg has highlighted the international rise of China, although he has avoided at all times placing Beijing as an “enemy” of NATO.

“We are not going to enter a new Cold War and China is not our enemy, but we have to jointly address the challenges it represents,” he said before meeting with the 30 allied leaders, while pointing out that there are opportunities for cooperation. with Beijing in different areas such as arms control.

The secretary general explained that in recent times the allies have joined their position with respect to China, since until 2019 Beijing was not even mentioned among NATO’s priorities.

On Russia, Stoltenberg has insisted that relations be in “the worst moment since the Cold War” and has defended a “dual approach” with Moscow, marked by defense and deterrence as well as dialogue. At this point, he applauded that Biden is going to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Switzerland this week, assuring that the dialogue is a show of “strength and not weakness.”

“We are united and that is the important message, Russia is not going to divide us. We are united in our defense and deterrence strategy, combined with dialogue,” he claimed.

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