Sports for summer 2021: the most requested for the return to normality - iO Woman

Sports for summer 2021: the most requested for the return to normality – iO Woman

Lor sport of summer 2021? It is unusual, out of the ordinary, but above all funny. For the recovery, in fact, what sportsmen want is above all come back to life. And at the same time act on waistline. Because many still wear side effects more than a year of pandemic in which gyms remained closed. So what to choose?

Sport lovers

There are those who wake up at dawn and don’t give up on one morning run, who would never miss a lesson in yoga o di pilates, and who, before the onset of the health emergency, attended his sports club everyday. According to the data State I’m over 20 million practicing Italians sport. And after the lockdown last year, the need to train is now even stronger: quasi 3 out of 5 continued to remain active even during the pandemic and about 1 in 5 started doing it after the lockdown, recognizing physical activity as a value indispensable. With the reopening of gyms and as the Tokyo Olympics, the desire for sport becomes even stronger.

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New and old disciplines

Accomplice the hot season and to ward off the Covid danger, many prefer the outdoor sports. And not only. Many are looking for the strangest discipline. Body building, tennis and swimming have given way to trapezoid, acrobatic dance, speakers and the inevitable fell, one of the most popular sports of the moment. To say it is the ranking drawn up by Urban Sports Club: post-pandemic sport is all a flourish of unusual discipline, niche, great returns, like theHula Hoop, or spectacular new entry, like theclimbing or the Lighting Ball.

Going back to all sport

«We start from desire for dance and music in fitness version. Unfortunately, since the reopening of the discos and gods couple dance classes you will have to wait a little longer, green light to some activities that allow you to keep fit to the rhythm of music, some also very particular, such as the Capoeira o la acrobatic dance. The important thing, especially at the beginning, is not to overdo it. Especially if you have been standing still for more than a year, ”he suggests Martina Cerri trainer di Urban Sports Club.


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