Sánchez does not achieve a date for the resumption of return flights of migrants on their trip to Senegal

Sánchez does not achieve a date for the resumption of return flights of migrants on their trip to Senegal

The president signs with his Senegalese counterpart a memorandum of understanding on circular migration


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has not agreed on a date for the resumption of the repatriation flights of Senegalese migrants from Spain, suspended since 2018, during his meeting with his counterpart from the African country, Macky Sall, with whom he has nevertheless signed a declaration and two memoranda of understanding to strengthen cooperation on migration matters.

Senegal, Sánchez acknowledged, is “an essential partner in the management of migratory flows”, hence this was precisely one of the priority issues for his visit to the country, with a view to reinforcing a collaboration that until now has been close. .

In this sense, he explained that both have signed a joint declaration on cooperation in the fight against irregular immigration as well as two memoranda of understanding for the management of migratory flows.

The first of them, he indicated, is committed to promoting regular migration through circular migration, while the second seeks to create an “institutional cooperation framework that allows a more efficient management of migratory flows, especially affecting groups more vulnerable such as children, people with disabilities and women “, he specified.


Asked if the resumption of repatriation flights has been addressed in his meeting with Sall, Sánchez has stressed that the return “is one more part of the immigration policy”, without going into more details except that it is a matter that they have discussed .

The President of the Government has framed the document signed on circular migration in the commitment to “order migration flows through regular channels” and has considered that it can serve as a “turning point” in migratory collaboration.

Sánchez stressed that both he and Sall agree on the importance of “conveying a strong message to the mafias” behind human trafficking and has stressed that “when we talk about people who arrive, many times we forget those who cannot arrive. because they die in the sea. “

In this sense, the Senegalese president has also been very critical of the mafias that abuse migrants “and leave them to die at sea.” “In Africa we don’t want to see our children die at sea,” Sall said.


Therefore, after highlighting that the 70,000 Senegalese living in Spain work in decent conditions, it has opted to consolidate this route through circular migration and organize “temporary exits” that allow us to meet the labor needs that exist in our country. .

This would allow young people to “give other perspectives”, Sall said, stressing that for Senegal “respect for the dignity of migrants is an essential point.”

On the other hand, Sánchez also highlighted the “excellent cooperation” with Senegal in efforts to stabilize the Sahel, “an area of ​​great strategic priority for both countries.”

The president will close his visit to Senegal with a visit this afternoon to the Ivory Detachment of the Spanish Armed Forces, which supports air transport for international missions operating in the Sahel. “Spain is and will continue to be committed to the Sahel,” he stressed.

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