Prosecutor's Office ceases the proceedings against Echenique in favor of the TS, which is studying a complaint

Prosecutor’s Office ceases the proceedings against Echenique in favor of the TS, which is studying a complaint

Vox, police unions and Clean Hands denounced him for the ‘tweet’ about the riots over the conviction of rapper Hasél


The Supreme Court is pending to decide whether or not to admit a Vox complaint against the spokesperson in the United We Can Congress, Pablo Echenique, for his alleged incitement to violence through a message on Twitter addressed to those who participated in the first riots requesting the release of rapper ‘Pablo Hasél’. For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office has agreed to cease the proceedings it was keeping open on the same events as a result of a complaint from police unions.

In a decree signed by the prosecutor of José Javier Huete, to which Europa Press has had access, he summarizes the proceedings carried out so far, as a result of the complaints from the Confederation of Spanish Police (CEP) and the Unified Police Union (SUP), and agrees to stop them after learning of the arrival of a complaint to the high court for the same conduct of Echenique urged by Vox. The reason is that the Prosecutor’s Office must stop investigating a matter when it becomes aware that a judicial body has already opened a case for the same facts.

This allusion by the prosecutor to the initiation of a procedure against Echenique is erroneous, according to sources from the high court consulted by Europa Press, who assure that the aforementioned complaint has not yet been decided whether or not it will be admitted for processing.

As the prosecutor himself indicates in his decree, there is the circumstance that Vox has already filed criminal actions against Echenique for the same ‘tweets’ both in the ordinary courts of Madrid (number 47) and before the judge of the National Court José Luis Calama, and all of them were inadmissible before he went to the Supreme Court, the competent body to investigate the deputy given his status as a gauge.

In addition to these unions, two other police organizations – JUPOL and ASP – have filed similar complaints, which were later joined by the Manos Limpias union and the political party Por Todos.

Sources of the Public Ministry already specified at the time that the initiation of proceedings does not presuppose any substantial decision on this matter, and that it could not yet speak of a formal investigation.


The CEP pointed out in its complaint that Echenique’s ‘tweet’ was published at 9:18 p.m., when “the situation of violence caused by those attending the unreported rally was already in the public domain” at Puerta del Sol and in the neighboring streets in the center of Madrid.

On February 17, Echenique supported protests in the streets of different Spanish cities after the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, calling for an investigation into the “violent mutilation of the eye” of a young woman in the Barcelona incidents.

The National Police union reproaches the United We Can spokesperson for showing “all its support for the young anti-fascists”, for which it considers that it could incur a crime for inciting violence, according to articles 557 and 559 of the Penal Code.

The complaint also includes that, when he published his ‘tweet’, he had already recorded the throwing of objects at the police and the burning of urban furniture in different cities, citing Vigo, Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​Gerona, Lérida and Granada among them.

In its complaint, Vox also accuses Echenique of inciting to commit crimes related to public disorders article 559 of the Penal Code and even the aggravated modality contemplated in article 579 CP.

For its part, the Manos Limpias union also filed a complaint with the Public Ministry against Echenique for alleged crimes of provocation and apology for violence, understanding that “through his Twitter he supported, encouraged and incited these criminal behaviors of urban guerrillas” and that “in interviews with the media, he publicly expressed support and encouragement.”

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