Positive messages from Miçotakis before his meeting with Erdoğan!

Positive messages from Miçotakis before his meeting with Erdoğan!

Positive messages from Miçotakis before his meeting with Erdoğan!

Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis gave positive messages before meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan within the scope of the NATO Summit.

Speaking to the France24 channel, Mitsotakis said,It is no secret that we have great differences of opinion with Turkey. But we will live side by side with Turkey. “We have to find a way so that we can continue to discuss our differences in a civilized manner without resorting to escalation,” he said.

Stating that the two countries have common economic interests and live in the same environment, Miçotakis said, “Turkey and Greeceis a member of NATO. It is also in NATO’s interest to resolve the differences peacefully and not to escalate tensions,” he said.

Mitsotakis said, “We must agree on a common framework with Turkey. This framework must be based on the principles of international law and good neighborliness.”

Denying that Greece is forcibly pushing thousands of refugees back to Turkey on the issue of asylum seekers, Mitsotakis said: “There are no pushbacks. But our job is to protect our borders.”

Mitsotakis also used the expressions, “We are open to a gradual, proportionate, reversible and positive agenda with Turkey, provided that it complies with the conditions set by the European Union.”

On the other hand, President Erdogan is expected to meet with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis before meeting with US President Biden.

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