NATO leaders are meeting!

NATO leaders are meeting!

NATO leaders are meeting!

Leaders of NATO countries will face challenges such as China, Russia and cyber threats at the summit they will meet today. NATOHe will try to determine the path that will follow in the next 10 years.

The meeting of the NATO North Atlantic Council at the level of heads of state and government will be held today at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The vision document called “NATO 2030”, which is the roadmap that NATO will follow in the next 10 years at the summit, what needs to be done while the alliance adapts itself to the new era, in this context, the rise of China, Russia, the fight against terrorism, emerging and destructive technologies, cyber threats and attacks, The security implications of climate change will be discussed.

NATO’s partnerships, NATO-EU relations, new threats to the alliance, efforts to increase consultations and solidarity among allies are also among the topics of the summit. It is aimed to conduct more intensive, more frequent and more comprehensive consultations among the allies, thus eliminating the appearance of separation between the allies.

In addition, the continuation of the increase in defense expenditures of NATO countries and partnerships in Asia-Pacific, prominent partnerships with countries such as Ukraine and Georgia are among the summit topics. Intensifying NATO-EU relations in the context of strengthening partnerships is also on the agenda.


It is known that NATO attaches particular importance to the rise of China in recent years. In this context, it is considered that the rise of China both creates opportunities and poses some challenges.

It is important not to adopt a hostile attitude towards China, but to address its effects on NATO members. However, China’s increasing armament in recent years is also taken into account. The importance of Asia-Pacific partnerships on China is expected to be emphasized.

As for Russia, the point reached after the build-up of the Russian army in the recently illegally annexed Crimea and the Ukraine border is important. NATO officials describe Russia’s stance as “aggressive”.

NATO officials often stress that no single member can overcome such challenges to the alliance alone. In an increasingly “competitive and unpredictable” world, “unity and solidarity” is underlined in order to cope with challenges. In this context, attention is drawn to the importance of strengthening transatlantic relations between Europe and North America.


The renewal of the 2010 Strategic Concept, which defines NATO’s objectives and basic tasks in the field of security, will also be discussed at the summit. Threats and challenges will be described according to today’s conditions by making some adjustments in addition to the valid parts of the current Strategic Concept.

It is envisaged that the summit will draw a framework on how to adapt the alliance against them. Work on the Renewed Strategic Concept is expected to continue until the next summit in Spain, and the final approval is expected to be given by the leaders at the summit in Spain.

It is stated that in order for NATO to continue all these works without any interruption, resources must be transferred and therefore NATO’s budget needs to be increased. There are countries that have hesitations about increasing the budget. Therefore, it is stated that the final decision on the budget increase has not yet emerged.


It is considered certain that Afghanistan will also be on the agenda at the NATO Summit. Discussions on the future of Afghanistan are expected after the US’s announcement that it will withdraw by September and that NATO’s Resolute Support Mission will be terminated.

It is stated that in addition to the USA, England, Germany, Italy and Turkey, which have undertaken important responsibilities in Afghanistan as framework countries, countries that have contributed significantly to NATO’s mission in Afghanistan for 20 years and that have troops will bring the issue to the agenda.


The NATO Summit is also important in that it is the first summit that US President Joe Biden will attend as president.

It is frequently stated that the summit provides an opportunity for the North America-Europe relations, which declined after the US administration’s decreased importance to NATO during the previous President Donald Trump era.

The importance of the NATO Summit in Brussels is emphasized in terms of “fixing” relations and returning to the pre-Trump era.


In his press statement, President Erdoğan, without leaving for Brussels, said: “We need to discuss Turkey-US relations at the first level. Many rumors, of course, happened inside and outside. We need to leave these behind and talk about what we can do and what we will do.”

Our meeting space is very wide. Unfortunately, April 24 was a very, very negative process for us. Of course, we would not have expected such an approach, but this approach has seriously upset us and it is not possible for us to consider it right to pass without bringing it up. Because Turkey is not a random country.

Turkey is an allied country with the United States in NATO. The fact that the two allies and these two allies took such an approach regarding the Armenians, who had nothing to do with NATO in this regard, disturbed and saddened us. Of course, it is not possible to pass without reminding this,” he said.

Emphasizing that there are many issues that remain on the desktop for the defense industry, Erdoğan said, “The most important of these is the F-35 issue. In this regard, there is Turkey, unfortunately, there is an America that does not fulfill its promise, but does not comply with the contract. There is a Turkey that has made its payments. Besides, there is a serious In other words, there is a Turkey that gives about 700-750 parts only at the part point, although they do the buying process from Turkey, but there is also Turkey that has made a very serious payment, 5 F-35s were given, and later this F-35. They were not sent by confiscating the 35’s,” he said.


Leaders of NATO countries are expected to hold bilateral meetings within the framework of the summit. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet with US President Joe Biden in this context. Erdogan’s talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have also been finalized.

He is also expected to hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

Apart from these, it is stated that it is possible for the leaders to have a walk-in meeting before or after the meeting.


In a written statement from the White House to the NATO Leaders’ Summit, it was stated that the security initiatives of the allied countries will be discussed in 2030 and beyond.

The definition of “Strategic Concept” is defined as “The strategic environment policies and actions that include Russian aggression; the challenges posed by the People’s Republic of China for our common security, prosperity and values; transnational threats such as terrorism, cyber threats, and climate change.” subjects were stated.

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