NATO hopes to garner Biden's support for its future agenda on Monday and leave the Trump era behind

NATO hopes to garner Biden’s support for its future agenda on Monday and leave the Trump era behind


NATO hopes that next Monday’s summit of leaders, in which US President Joe Biden will participate for the first time, will serve to conjure up the allies around the future agenda and thus turn the page on the turbulence of the era. Donald Trump.

“If the last four years have shown anything, it is that the transatlantic relationship goes beyond political leaders. Because it is robust and strong and we have robust institutions like NATO,” Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a previous press conference. to meet.

For Monday’s summit in Brussels, Stoltenberg wants to open “a new chapter” in the organization through the Alliance’s modernization agenda. A ‘roadmap’ with which to foster greater ambition in matters of security and defense, promote political consultation within the Alliance, reinforce collective defense and strengthen its military position.

The meeting will be the first of allied leaders since Biden’s arrival at the White House and therefore is perceived as the definitive test to leave behind the pothole of recent years, when in Washington there was an openly skeptical leader with NATO.

“I am completely sure that when we meet on Monday, we will demonstrate the commitment that exists with the Alliance not only with words but with deeds, through the substantive decisions that we will take,” said the Norwegian politician about his expectations about the summit and the role of Biden.

For Stoltenberg, the “message” will be the actual staging of the 30 allied leaders sitting at the same table to face defense challenges such as the rise of China or the increased aggressiveness of Russia.


On the table of the allied leaders will be the recurring issue of military spending. Increasing the games in Defense was one of the main workhorses during the Trump era and the demand is expected to continue with Biden.

Stoltenberg has already warned that the Alliance’s future agenda is to increase military investment. “The new tasks will require continuous investment in Defense. We must invest more and better, so we should spend together to meet our high level of ambition,” said the former Norwegian Prime Minister, in a defense of his project to strengthen the NATO common budget, items that have remained unchanged in recent years and with which it wants to increase operations in the Baltic and the Black Sea, as well as strengthen the military training of NATO partners.


Just a few hours before the summit, the organization has released its latest report on military spending by the allies, a study that, despite the context of the coronavirus pandemic, shows the seventh consecutive year of growth in investment in Defense .

Specifically, military items will grow by 4.1 percent overall in NATO, an increase from 3.5 percent last year, in line with the trend of recent years. This represents 260,000 million more military spending compared to 2014, when the allies pledged to allocate 2 percent of their GDP on Defense. According to Stoltenberg, the figures show that the allies are “on the right track.”

Of course, the report shows a stagnation in the number of countries that reach 2 percent of investment, only ten allies manage to stick to the commitment, with Spain as the second country that allocates the least funds for its armed forces with 1.02 per cent. hundred.

This estimate represents a setback with respect to Spain’s military spending in 2020, when it invested 1.16 percent. Among the allies, only Luxembourg spends less defense spending, 0.57 percent of its GDP.

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