Moderate message from Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis before the meeting

Moderate message from Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis before the meeting

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis stated that the biggest difference of opinion between the two countries is the determination of the maritime jurisdiction boundaries, and said, “It is no secret that we have great differences of opinion. But we will live side by side with Turkey. “We have to find a way so that we can continue to discuss our differences in a civilized manner without resorting to escalation,” he said.


Emphasizing that the two countries have common economic interests and that they can cooperate in this field, Miçotakis said, “Turkey and Greece are NATO members. It is in the interest of NATO to resolve the differences peacefully and not to escalate tensions,” he said. Mitsotakis said, “What happens in the Eastern Mediterranean against Greece and Cyprus (Greek part) has an impact on Turkey’s relations with the EU. We must agree on a common framework with Turkey. This framework should be based on the principles of international law and good neighborliness.

As for the refugees, Mitsotakis denied that Greece was forcibly pushing thousands of refugees back to Turkey and said: “There are no pushbacks. But our job is to protect our borders. We use all the tools and means at our disposal to protect our borders. Our police and coast guard forces in Meriç are not the asylum-seeking delegation or the tourist office.”


In response to the moderate messages of GREEK Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis before his meeting with President Erdogan, Turkish and Greek boats came face to face in the Aegean yesterday. In the statement made by the Greek Coast Guard Organization, it was claimed that a Turkish Coast Guard boat ‘disturbed’ the Greek Coast Guard boat in the east of Lesbos Island early yesterday morning and minor damage occurred to the Greek boat. The Greek media, on the other hand, claimed that the incident took place within Greek territorial waters and that the Turkish Coast Guard boat “touched” the Greek boat after the two boats swam very close to each other for a while. No statement was made from Turkey on the subject.


GREECE cannot cope with the Turkish UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) used in the Aegean and Meriç for three years. Greek staffs are trying to limit the activities of Turkish UAVs flying off Rhodes Island for the first time in 2018. Greek newspaper Real said, “The situation is already out of control. What will we do with Turkish UAVs? There are different opinions on this. According to some, Greece should have reacted from the very first moment. According to some, Turkish-Greek relations would become even more strained in such a case. There is an important problem and a solution must be found,” he wrote. The news also stated that no significant progress could be made in Greece’s plans to produce UAVs, adding, “Turkey has been investing in UAV technology for 20 years. It has been proven in Libya and Karabakh that this technology plays an important role in military conflicts.


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