John Travolta talks about the death of his wife Kelly Preston: "I was saturated with everyone's sadness" - Il Fatto Quotidiano

John Travolta talks about the death of his wife Kelly Preston: “I was saturated with everyone’s sadness” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

John Travolta gave a touching interview to Esquire Spain in which he spoke of the loss of his wife Kelly Preston and how he learned to survive pain. “I understood that mourning is an intimate and painful journey. Pain is not a common concept, everyone tries it in their own way and it is necessary to take a path that can be soothing and lead to healing, “he said about his wife died in 2020 at the age of 57, due to breast cancer.

For him the loss of Kelly, from which he had three children (Ella, 21, Benjamin, 10 and Jett, who died in 2009 at 16), is been a terrible blow. “Lthe most important thing you can do to help another bereaved person is to allow them to experience it and don’t complicate it with yours, ”he said. Then he explained: “Imagine that you have lost someone. At the funeral you are very sad, but another person approaches you who feels sadder than you and does not leave you enough space to cry. You would be like two boats falling to the bottom. Here, this has been my experience ”. For this reason, recalling the moment when Kelly died, he described himself as “saturated with sadness of all not to know what to do “.

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