Iran Says No Expecting Changes To Israel's Policies Following Bennett's Appointment As Prime Minister

Iran Says No Expecting Changes To Israel’s Policies Following Bennett’s Appointment As Prime Minister


The Government of Iran has affirmed this Monday that it does not expect changes in Israel’s policies after the appointment of Naftali Bennett as prime minister of the country during the day on Sunday, in which Parliament approved the composition of the new Executive and thus shelved Benjamin Netanyahu’s era at the helm of the country.

“I do not believe that the policies of the occupying regime in Jerusalem will be different,” said the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Said Khatibzadé, as reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA. “The enemies of Iran have left and Iran is still here,” he said, referring to other changes of government in rival countries of Tehran.

Bennett has come to power thanks to a broad coalition of Government that covers practically the entire political spectrum and that will allow him to serve as Prime Minister for the next two years, until he is replaced by the leader of the centrist party Yesh Atid, Yair Lapid.

“I am proud of the ability to sit with people with very different opinions. We have taken responsibility at the decisive moment,” he said. “A new episode of relations with the Arabs is beginning,” he said, before reiterating his rejection of the ongoing negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program.

Thus, he stressed that “Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons” because “it is not part of the agreement and will maintain total freedom to act.” “The renewal of the nuclear agreement is a mistake,” settled the new Israeli prime minister, in a message addressed to the US authorities.

Israel has been one of the main opponents of the Iranian nuclear program and the agreement signed in 2015 by the 5 + 1 Group with Tehran, which the United States abandoned in 2018 under the mandate of Donald Trump. Both countries have also seen a spike in direct incidents, including Israeli bombings against Iranian targets in Syria.

In this context, the outgoing head of the Israeli Mossad, Yossi Cohen, on Thursday pointed to the alleged responsibility of Israel in the latest attacks carried out against Iran’s infrastructure and a leading nuclear scientist in recent years, as close to a recognition in these events to date by the Israeli authorities.

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