Hariri's party says the possibility of him resigning as the prime minister in charge of Lebanon "is on the table"

Hariri’s party says the possibility of him resigning as the prime minister in charge of Lebanon “is on the table”


Al Mustaqbal, the party of the prime minister in charge of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, has indicated that the possibility of his resignation “is on the table” due to the stalemate in the talks to form the new government, which began in October 2020, and his tensions with the country’s president, Michel Aoun.

The spokesperson for Al Mustaqbal (Future), Abdulsalam Musa, has highlighted in an interview with the Lebanese television channel Al Yadid that Hariri “is open to all options” and has stressed that “he will continue his consultations and everyone must assume your responsibilities. “

Thus, he affirmed that Hariri “is open” to the latest political initiative promoted by the President of Parliament, Nabih Berri, who has not yet managed to break the blockade, while stressing that “Berri’s initiative is clear and Hariri will weigh the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese before making any decisions. “

Musa also lamented “the obstinacy” of the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) – Aoun’s party -, Yebran Basil, before accusing Aoun of turning the Presidency “into a partisan institution of the FPM”, as has picked up the Lebanese news portal Naharnet.

“Basil must be convinced that the blackmail policy can no longer lead anywhere,” Musa stressed. “We will not allow anyone to harm or usurp the powers of the designated prime minister,” the Al Mustaqbal spokesman said.

For their part, sources cited by the Lebanese newspaper ‘The Daily Star’ have advanced that Hariri could present his resignation this week due to the “obstruction” of Aoun and Basil, while Mohamad Hayar, Al Mustaqbal’s parliamentarian, has acknowledged that this This possibility is “a serious option” given the situation the country is going through.

“The talks on Hariri’s decision to resign is not final yet, but resigning is a serious option for him, even though he has not made a decision yet,” he said, after the country’s largest Sunni institution, Dar to Fatua, he will show his support in his disputes with Aoun regarding the formation of the Executive.

The economic situation has worsened in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic and the explosions registered in August 2020 in the port of the capital, Beirut, which left more than 200 dead and enormous material damage at the main point of importation of goods. from the country.

The explosions and subsequent protests led to the resignation of the Government of Hasan Diab, who continues in office in the absence of an agreement to form a new Executive, a process marked by tensions between Aoun and Hariri, who have exchanged harsh accusations in recent years. months.

In this context, the World Bank stated on June 1 that the economic crisis in Lebanon is one of the worst recorded globally since the mid-19th century, with a drastic fall of nearly 40 percent of GDP per capita since 2018.

The agency underlined in a report that “the financial and economic crisis in Lebanon is probably one of the ten worst, and possibly one of the three worst, since the middle of the 19th century”, according to a comparison with those studied in the period between 1857 and 2013.

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