Ecuador's Attorney's Office asks to seize Correa's assets to pay the fine for the 'Bribery case'

Ecuador’s Attorney’s Office asks to seize Correa’s assets to pay the fine for the ‘Bribery case’


The Attorney General of Ecuador has requested this Friday to seize the assets of former President Rafael Correa to comply with the economic reparation imposed in the sentence of the ‘Bribery case’, after the Ecuadorian Justice gave him a period of five days to pay the fine that did not has respected.

In addition to Correa, among those who are required to pay the established amount – $ 778,224 to direct perpetrators and $ 368,632 to accomplices – is his former vice president Jorge Glas, both sentenced to eight years in prison as mediate perpetrators.

Among those convicted are also the former legal secretary of the Presidency Alexis Mera, former ministers Vinicio Alvarado, Walter Solís and María de los Ángeles Duarte, among other members of Correa’s cabinet and Ecuadorian businessmen.

In a statement, the Attorney General’s Office has detailed that two convicts, Víctor Fontana and Alberto Hidalgo, have already paid the financial compensation.

The ex-president is accused of a crime of aggravated passive bribery in the ‘Bribery case’, in which 19 other people have also been sentenced, who asked businessmen for money to finance Alianza País campaigns in exchange for obtaining contracts with the state.

Correa has always defended his innocence and has denounced being the victim of political persecution, while the sentence also includes a 25-year disqualification from holding public office.

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