US Senate approves trillion dollar economy recovery package

Stimuli to lift country out of crisis reach $ 1.9 trillion and include checks of $ 1,400 for each citizen

PM America

The Senate of the United States approved in the afternoon of this Saturday (6) the package of stimuli to the economy of 1,9 trillion dollars. On the scoreboard, the package received 50 favorable votes and 49 against. economy recovery package

Sent by the government of President Joe Biden, the mega package has among its main measures the sending of checks for $ 1,400 to millions of American citizens.

The package still needs to be approved by the House, where Democrats have a majority, before heading to Joe Biden’s desk. This is the first major measure of the Biden government.

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It is also expected to increase unemployment insurance to $ 300 a week by the end of the summer, in September, more money for the distribution of vaccines and relief to the debts of states and cities.

Already 25 billion dollars should be invested in the renovation of schools so that they can reopen properly adapted to fight the pandemic. economy recovery package

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