Congratulation from the opponents of Netanyahu!

Congratulation from the opponents of Netanyahu!

The 12-year term of Netanyahu came to an end when the coalition government formed under the leadership of the Future There and Yamina parties received a vote of confidence in the Parliament.

The crowd gathered in front of the Israeli parliament in West Jerusalem from the afternoon hours chanted slogans sometimes against Netanyahu and sometimes in support of the new government during the long-lasting confidence vote session.

The crowd, which got busy towards the evening, waited for the result of the vote of confidence. Meanwhile, a small group of Netanyahu supporters left the parliament without waiting any longer. After the result of the no-confidence vote was announced, the crowd in the arena celebrated the end of the Netanyahu era with great enthusiasm.

The group, which had long celebrated the new government’s vote of confidence, then dispersed.


As a result of the voting, the coalition government received a vote of confidence with the support of 60 deputies in the 120-seat Parliament.

With the vote of confidence of the Bennett-Lapid coalition, the term of Netanyahu, who has been prime minister since March 2009, came to an end.


Yamina leader Bennett will take the seat vacant from Netanyahu with the coalition government’s vote of confidence. After serving as prime minister for 2 years, Bennett will hand over the seat to Lapid, the leader of the coalition partner, There is a Future Party, in August 2023.


The Bennett-Lapid coalition consists of 8 parties with different views, united in opposition to Netanyahu. Since the number of seats is at a critical threshold and the parties have completely different views on some issues, it is discussed whether the coalition will last long in Israel.

Bennett’s party Yamina stands out for its far-right views and supports illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. The United Arab List (Ram), which represents Palestinian citizens of Israel, one of the partners of the coalition, opposes this.

Another coalition partner, Meretz, is a party in the left bloc. For this reason, comments are made that the coalition government will not last long and Israel may have to hold early elections again at the end of this year.


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