China accuses the G7 of "manipulation" and "defamation" by criticizing the human rights situation in Xinjiang and Hong Kong

China accuses the G7 of “manipulation” and “defamation” by criticizing the human rights situation in Xinjiang and Hong Kong


Chinese authorities on Monday accused the G7 countries of “manipulation” and defamation, “in addition to meddling in the country’s internal affairs, by addressing the human rights situation in the Xinjiang region, and Hong Kong.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom has indicated that the final communiqué of the leaders “distorts the facts” about what is really happening in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan and has exposed the “sinister intentions” of the United States and others. countries.

In their joint statement, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Japan have been more critical than ever. The group has insisted on the importance of taking action against unfair business practices, violations of rights and freedoms and abuses by the government in Hong Kong.

The Embassy has thus indicated that the G7 must face the reality that the Chinese special administrative region came under the rule of Beijing 24 years ago. “This summit has taught the world that power groups are being created that artificially create confrontation and division,” said the spokesman.

In a statement, he clarified that the summit was held at a time when cooperation is necessary in relation to the pandemic, the economic crisis and climate change.

On the situation of the Uighur ethnic minority in Xinjiang, the Government of the Asian giant has clarified that it is not a question of Human Rights but of fighting against violence, separatism and extremism.

Both the United States, the European Union and other countries have imposed sanctions against China for the situation in the Xinjiang region. Regarding the G7’s request to resolve tensions with Taiwan, the spokesman has indicated that the island is an “inseparable part” of China.

In addition, he has rejected accusations about the use of unfair business practices and has accused the United States of “harassing” Chinese companies under the pretext of preserving national security.

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