Bulgari Alta Gioielleria 2021, a Magnifica collection |  iO Woman

Bulgari Alta Gioielleria 2021, a Magnifica collection | iO Woman

LHigh Jewelery shine again with Bulgarian, which he unveiled with a fashion show and an international event a Milano the new collection Magnificent 2021. A parade of brilliant masterpieces, presented with an exceptional catwalk set up in Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and with an evening a Teatro alla Scala. Precious jewels that mix charm and savoir-faire: a concentrate of all-Italian beauty and excellence.

Magnificent like Milan

It is the first time that Bvlgari, the historic Roman maison, has chosen Milan as the location to present a collection of High Jewelery and High End watches. A decision not by chance: Magnificent it is first and foremost a tribute to the city, the most proven by the long lockdown period. A way to make the Lombard capital shine once again. Recorded behind closed doors in one of the most symbolic locations, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the fashion show-event directed by Tommaso Ottomano in collaboration with AMO / Ellen van Loon and Giulio Margheri he saw the participation of great models Lily Aldridge, Vittoria Ceretti, He Cong, Blesnya minher e Solange Smith.

Vittoria Ceretti on the catwalk of Bvlgari 2021 Magnificent High Jewelery Collection.

Looking out from the architectural balconies of the Gallery wearing the jewels of the collection, spectators of a real opera – the one staged by the tenor Andrea Bocelli with the guidance of Beatrice Venezi, the very young conductor of international fame. Icons of timeless beauty that gather on a staircase of light, a machine that stands out like a lighthouse in the night, synonymous with size e rebirth: the characteristics, respectively, of the two symbol cities of the maison, Roma e Milano.

Bulgari High Jewelery Magnifica 2021

Lily Aldridge, He Cong, Blesnya Minher and Solange Smith on the catwalk of Bulgari Alta Gioielleria Magnifica 2021.

Bulgari High Jewelery Magnificent 2021, the iconic jewels

Theatrical, evocative, solemn and harmonic, just like theOde to joy Beethoven in the background. A magnificent show – it should be said – for a collection of Bulgari High Jewelery 2021 as well spectacular.

Many iconic pieces among the 350 masterpieces of jewelery and watchmaking, made with the rarest and most precious gems found in nature. They range from the crewneck Imperial Spinel featuring a spinel of 131.21 carats, the fourth largest known in the world, up to the necklace Mediterranean Queen, inspired by a Bvlgari necklace dating back to 1969 that features five cushion-cut oval Paraiba tourmalines, weighing approximately 500 carats, combined with cabochon emeralds and diamonds that mimic the waves of the sea. And then the jewels that recall Bulgari’s heritage, such as Hypnotic Emerald, which sees the protagonist snake-icon by Bvlgari, which holds in its jaws an exceptional Colombian cabochon-cut emerald of 93.83 carats.

Bulgari High Jewelery Magnifica 2021

The Mediterranean Queen necklace and ring worn by He Cong.

And then the jewels they look at muse of the maison: starting from the ante litteram feminist Ortensia, defender of women in ancient Rome. A character with an indomitable and combative heart who inspired Diamond’s Passion, a platinum necklace enriched by a cascade of diamonds for a total of 64 carats. The bold use of colors by the baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi it inspires instead Prodigious Color, the rose gold necklace that combines five bright cabochon-cut stones totaling over 288 carats: a real work of art to wear.

Bulgari High Jewelery Magnifica 2021

The Diamond’s Passion necklace by Bulgari Alta Gioielleria Magnifica 2021.

For the first time, Bulgari High Jewelery pays homage to the city where it is presented. In Milan they are dedicated pigeon play from the 2021 collection, inspired by one of the symbolic places of the Milanese city, the Sforzesco Castle. The jewels trace in the design the irregularity of a plan of the Castle as it appears in a map of 1725: the first in yellow gold, amethyst and carnelian diamonds, the second in yellow gold, diamonds, rubellite and malachite.

A collection of universal beauty

With Magnificent, Bulgari High Jewelery 2021 is not only a testimony of unparalleled craftsmanship, but it becomes the vehicle of a broader message. A tribute to beauty and human genius, a universal message of hope and optimism, which everyone has the right to enjoy. Lat the fashion show, indeed, was streamed on the brand channels. Previously the collection was presented with a ‘exhibition inside the Bvlgari boutique in via Montenapoleone 2 open to the public. Finally, one evening-concert at La Scala Theater, entirely reserved for the occasion, and a living picture held at the Bvlgari Hotel which revealed the creations to selected guests in detail.

Bulgari High Jewelery Magnifica 2021

Chiara Ferragni, Jean-Christophe Babin and Lily Aldridge at the Teatro alla Scala.

To do the honors of the house, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the group, and the celebrities of the “Bvlgari Family”: among them, Vittoria Puccini, Chiara Ferragni, Alessandro Borghi, Leo Gassman.


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