Blog |  Hollywood continues to offer great opportunities to Made in Italy, as demonstrated by the story of Gaia - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog | Hollywood continues to offer great opportunities to Made in Italy, as demonstrated by the story of Gaia – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The California, for the average Italian, can be summed up briefly as follows: Pamela Anderson, Baywatch, beaches, Hollywood, Beverly Hills (90210, the original of course, not the reboot!), Silicon Valley. When the average Italian is vaguely prepared we also remember Napa Valley (perhaps heard in an episode of Sex and the City) and Lake Tahoe. Personally, my California experience is a series of visits to naval bases and drones, so I have seen San Diego from major cities.

California and, in general, l’America, is something more than the stereotype of the “American Dream” that has been fed to us for 50 years by TV series and films made in Hollywood. The United States, especially the east and west coasts, are a very business-focused nation, brutally. For anyone who has been to New York and avoided the usual stroll around the building to take a picture, the perception is clear: “if you are here to be a good tourist, if you are here doing business better but … you are no longer in Italy …”

The myth of arriving in America and making money is to be taken with a grain of salt but, equally if you are smart, the American system rewards you meritocracy in the US it works better and on a larger scale than in Italy). In such a brutal environment, sharpened better than an old-fashioned katana (not bad WWII copies), she went Gaia Ceccaroli.

Gaia graduated in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment in Italy, at Bocconi University and has the passion, then transformed into work, of helping people with charity and donations (such as, for example, with the Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus Foundation, Anlaids Onlus, Convivio and The Franca Fund). Basically Gaia is a PR, and has decided to move to a country and an area (The Angels) where the PR, if done well with the VIPs, can do a lot. When I say “a lot” I’m not talking about money or rather I’m not just talking about money. There is a lot of money in California, in Hollywood even more (lately with a little aftertaste of Xian center). Hollywood is the source of films, series and numerous media activities that spread throughout the Western world and beyond.

Hence the choice of Gaia: to try (it is not easy) to influence actors, producers and various VIPs on charity issues that are close to her heart. “The impact with America and California was not easy – explains Gaia – Here there business perception it is very marked. However, Hollywood has always been sensitive to issues of charity, donations and public relations, if done well, are a ‘excellent opportunity to establish working relationships for many Italian brands “.

If we consider that what happens in Hollywood (in terms of movies and TV series) and then is spread all over the world, the product placement and similar activities become a must for every quality “made in Italy” who wants to have a showcase on the world. Hollywood, as I mentioned before, it is no longer just Western. Many Hollywood films wink at Asia, especially China. When I say “wink” I refer to two specific aspects: money and, consequently, content.

From the point of view of content, the need for Chinese investors, for many films, implies one more attention for styles, idioms, clothing and oriental philosophies. If we think of the latest Disney movie Mulan we understand how Hollywood is now paying close attention to the Asian market. The other item, of great interest, are money. Many films also have prominent Chinese groups as investors who, in part, have a chance to put a voice on how films and series are developed and created. In this sense there is one Big chance for Italian brands. “Today a film is also distributed in China and the Roi are very important for producers – explains Gaia – Quality made in Italy is highly appreciated in China, and I am not simply referring to fashion and design. I think of the Italian lifestyle which includes architecture, culture, mentalities ”, he concludes.

Speaking of design, Gaia brings me, as an example, the vertical forest of Stefano Boeri which has also found its headquarters in China, on a macro scale. One of the many examples to show that China is a market for us Italians. Through the presence of Italian brands and contents in our Hollywood films way of life can also spread throughout theAsia, a vital market for our exports.

Hollywood, if well leveraged with strategic public relations, can be great support for quality made in Italy, especially now that, with Covid, we have to make up for lost time.

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