Blog |  George Clooney's sweetheart turns sixty - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog | George Clooney’s sweetheart turns sixty – Il Fatto Quotidiano

I declare the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of beau George Clooney. Divo, anti divo, world sex symbol, testimonial billionaire of Nespresso (his smile is worth 40 million dollars) and of grizzled “smut”. But he is one who pretends to be one like us. Like us, he locked himself up in the house for the lockdown, but his was a villa in Los Angeles where he could graze between the lawn and the pool together with the 4-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander, one concern that his asthmatic son could contract the virus.

Many unmemorable details before we noticed him in Out of Sight (1998) and then Ocean’s Eleven (2001) remake of the film Big shot in 1960. But his year of grace was 2006: candidato all’Oscar per Best Director e Best Original Screenplay per Good Night, and Good Luck, won him instead as Best Supporting Actor for Syriana.

Her engagement in 2009 with Elisabetta Canalis made her the most envied tissue on the planet. The others are the most envious. The gossip newspapers went haywire: was it true love or just a cover to silence the rumors about his alleged “gayness”? They were also the years of “Hollywood on Lake Como” where he bought a majestic villa foot without water. For the “georgewatchers” who sift through his every movement he still has it.

Tired of taking on the role of the golden bachelor, a surprise marries the austere Amal, 17 years of age difference, and at the birth of the twins the psyco / media term “George Clooney Effect” was coined. The father of Amal Ramzi Alamuddin (full name), illustrious professor of Economics at the American University of Beirut wrinkled his nose, as a son-in-law he would have preferred someone more up to the profession of his daughter, a very tough lawyer of international law, a councilor at the UN, one who gets out of jail journalists in places like Azerbaijan or Egypt (George glosses, full of admiration). The banality script also predicts: “My wife is smarter than me. In the family my wife is the boss. My children speak Italian to each other so as not to be understood by me ”. Invited to follow talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman he begins: “You should have invited my wife”. Just pretend that his wife, the most fashonist lawyer in the world, you steal the show sul red carpet.

That sweet George she also lets us know that she has never stopped writing love letters and putting them on her desk and she does the same leaving them under her pillow: “Maybe it’s a generational thing and it won’t be like that in twenty years, but for me it is important for someone to sit down and find time to express a feeling ”. We agree with you, George. And in the name of a collective female consciousness (homo and fluid gender) we wish you Happy birthday with a profusion of loving letters.

But now let’s deal with the possible candidates for the most attractive newly / divorced in the world, Bill Gates. Everything else has already been said.

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