Biden highlights that "the US is back on track" with the first 100 days of his Administration

Biden highlights that “the US is back on track” with the first 100 days of his Administration

A group of protesters disrupt Biden’s rally in Georgia on his 100th day in office


The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has celebrated his hundredth day in office with a visit to the state of Georgia, where he has offered a rally in which he has exposed his achievements and government plans and has highlighted that since the beginning of his Administration “The United States is back on track.”

Together with the first lady, Jill Biden, the US president has traveled to the municipality of Duluth, in the suburbs of Atlanta, where he has addressed several of the issues already mentioned on Wednesday in his first speech before a joint session of Congress.

Biden has touted his achievements of the first three months in office and has focused on the American Employment Plan and the American Families Plan, two of his proposals that collect more than 4 billion dollars in spending and that seek to reform the infrastructure of the country, family leave programs and child care, according to the US media ‘The Hill’.

“I have never been more optimistic about the future of the United States,” the president assured in his speech and in reference to his plans, which need the approval of Congress, for which he has sought support.

In addition, it has affected that the increase in taxes on the rich that it raises will finance tax cuts for many more Americans.

“This represents a tax cut for more than two million families in Georgia,” Biden said about his proposals, adding that “it is time for the very rich and corporations to start paying their fair share.”

Biden traveled to the state on Wednesday, following his first speech at a joint session of Congress, in which he unveiled a proposal that would expand educational opportunities and childcare for families, funded in part by the larger tax increase to rich Americans in decades. In the same speech, he defended a complementary infrastructure plan that would be financed in part through higher corporate tax rates, as a “one-time investment” that would create millions of jobs.

Thus, the president has reiterated in Georgia that “Wall Street did not build this country.” “You did it. The middle class did it. And the unions built the middle class,” he added, according to Bloomberg.

Biden was elected in the presidential election in part because Georgia became a Democratic state for the first time since 1992. Earlier this year, two Democrats, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, won a pair of seats in a runoff election. for the United States Senate, giving the party control of the House and allowing Biden to pass a $ 1.9 trillion relief measure without receiving a Republican vote.

“Thanks to you, we passed one of the most important rescue bills in history,” Biden has acknowledged in this regard.


During his speech, the president has been interrupted by a group of protesters who have demanded the end of the detention centers and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service.

“Our families are dying,” said one of the protesters, who assured that he voted for Biden in the last elections.

Given this, the president has responded that “private detention centers should not exist” and has assured that the Administration “is working to close them all.”

Finally, the protesters have been escorted out of the rally and the president, who in his campaign promised to suspend government contracts with private prisons, has continued with his speech.

On the other hand, this Thursday morning, the president and the first lady visited former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, at their home in Plains, in the same state.

Biden is expected to move to different states in the coming days to defend his plans. In this context, he is scheduled to visit Philadelphia on Friday and another to Virginia next week.

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