Aragonès asks to focus efforts on dialogue with the Government despite "logical skepticism"

Aragonès asks to focus efforts on dialogue with the Government despite “logical skepticism”

Asks Sánchez for “courage and bravery” to face the negotiation despite protests against pardons


The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has asked to focus efforts on the stage of dialogue that he considers to be opening with the central government, despite the “logical skepticism” that he understands that there may be.

He has said so in statements to the media in Vielha (Lleida) during a visit to the Val d’Aran, after the controversy this week over the article by ERC leader Oriol Junqueras, in which he called the unilateral way, which provoked criticism from Junts and the CUP.

Asked if the Government contemplates unilateralism if the dialogue with the Government does not prosper, Aragonès has defended that right now there is an “opportunity” to dialogue and negotiate with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez that he believes should be taken advantage of.

“I ask everyone to dedicate the maximum efforts so that in this stage that we are opening we can achieve the most ambitious objectives on the part of Catalonia”, and has insisted that the Generalitat will go to the dialogue table with the proposals for amnesty and self-determination , and that the Government must put its own.

The head of the Catalan Executive has maintained that to face this stage the maximum consensus of Catalan society is necessary, and has explained that this is what he will ask the parliamentary groups next week in the round of contacts that he will maintain with all the formations except with Vox.

For him, there is a large majority in Catalan society and in Parliament in favor of Catalonia deciding its future democratically and of the freedom of the 1-O prisoners, so he sees it as important to bring together this force “previously” to go to the dialogue table not only as representatives of the Government and the independence movement, but with the endorsement of a wider majority.

“I ask the country as a whole to now give us all the strength to go to the negotiating table with the utmost ambition”, and has assured that, although he respects the opinions that the rest of the formations may freely express, his obligation as president is to take dialogue because he wants to be the president of all of Catalonia.

He has warned that he will do so “with any logical skepticism, touching his feet on the ground, being very honest and knowing that there will be many difficulties.”

In addition, after the general secretary of the Junts, Jordi Sànchez, accused Junqueras of protecting Aragonès with his article, the president of the Government has pointed out that the one who submits is to the Parliament because he is the one who has invested him: “This is how I will act. “


Regarding the protests against the pardons, Aragonès lamented that “every time there is a step, even if it is timid or hypothetical, in relation to Catalonia, the Spanish right has tried to fill the streets and this will happen in any case.”

He stressed that before this we must put democratic convictions, ambition and the consensus that, in his opinion, there is in Catalonia, and he has demanded that the Government of Sánchez face it “with courage and bravery”, as he assures that the Government does.

Asked about the date of the meeting with Sánchez, he recalled that the two presidents have the commitment to hold the meeting in June and said that, if the decision on pardons affects the calendar, it is a matter that only depends on the Government.

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