Another warning while the world is dealing with corona!

Another warning while the world is dealing with corona!

In an interview with The Hill news site, Schuchat said that the US was caught unprepared for the Kovid-19 outbreak due to years of underinvestment in public health infrastructure.

Noting that public health institutions can fight the Kovid-19 virus with emergency funds, Schuchat said, “I think the critical lesson here is that for the next similar epidemic, there is a need to invest heavily in public health, not just responding to emergencies.” used your expressions.

Emphasizing that this is a big job, Schuchat warned that if current investments in public health are not continued, the country will face the danger of repeating the same mistakes in similar situations such as the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Schuchat, who has been working at CDC for 33 years, including 6 years as deputy chief director, noted that another important lesson taught by Kovid-19 is that it is understood that it is understood that there is not enough equipment in production against the sudden increase in demand for materials such as personal protective equipment and fans needed during the epidemic.

Schuchat also stated that the USA is in a good situation in terms of case increase and hospitalizations in the fight against the virus, and on the other hand, he called for caution and caution against the more contagious new variants of Kovid-19.


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