मां-बाप की हत्‍या करने के बाद युवक ने बनाई लूट की झूठी कहानी, पुलिस ने यूं किया मामले का पर्दाफाश..

After killing the parents, the young man made a false story of robbery, the police exposed the case like this ..

According to the police, accused Ravi has confessed to the crime during interrogation.

New Delhi:

A Ghaziabad man is accused of killing his parents. According to the police, after the murder of the parents, this young man narrated a different story to the police, shedding crocodile tears. He made up a false story of the robbery and said that the house was robbed and his parents were also killed by the robbers. However, this ‘story’ could not stand before the police and after investigation, the matter was revealed. Police said that during interrogation the accused has confessed to the crime.

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Ravi, who tells the story of the murder of his parents while crying, is accused of being the murderer of his parents. The matter is of Loni Border area of ​​Ghaziabad. According to the information, two days ago, elderly Surendra and his wife Santosh were strangled to death in their house in Balram Nagar area. The couple’s son Ravi had told the police that the house had been robbed and after that the parents were put to death. has been disclosed. The same son of the couple, Ravi, has been arrested in the case.

Ravi has told the police that he had gone and married against the wishes of his parents, due to which the parents were unhappy with him. Some time ago Ravi’s younger brother died of corona. Ravi had come to know that all the property was being transferred by his parents in the name of his younger brother’s wife and children, due to which he got angry. Two days ago, Ravi found his parents alone and strangled them to death at home. To mislead the police, accused son Ravi had made up a false story of the robbery, but that story could not stand before the police investigation and the reality of crocodile tears came in front of the police. According to the police, Ravi has confessed his crime during interrogation.


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