A hostage-taking in a Swedish jail ends after several hours and an order for pizzas for prisoners

A hostage-taking in a Swedish jail ends after several hours and an order for pizzas for prisoners


A taking of two guards as hostages in a Swedish jail has concluded this Wednesday after several hours and a request for a score of pizzas for all the prisoners in a block.

Two inmates barricaded themselves in a guard room at Hallby prison, about 100 kilometers west of Stockholm, according to several Swedish media.

At around 7:00 p.m. (local time), the first hostage was released, according to the Police, while the other hostage was later released.

Shortly after, the authorities announced that the two kidnappers were back in custody. “The two suspects have been arrested and taken to the police headquarters in Eskilstuna,” the body has specified in a statement, in which it has indicated that the event is being investigated as a kidnapping.

According to a report, in the shooting the two inmates, armed with razors and allegedly convicted of murder, according to the ‘Aftonbladet’ media, covered the surveillance cameras and demanded a helicopter.

They also demanded that the 20 inmates in their wing receive pizzas with kebab ingredients, for which they offered in exchange the release of a hostage. Shortly after, photos showed police officers loading several pizza boxes into a car.

At first, the police limited themselves to saying that a major operation was being carried out in the prison and that there were agents with special authority in place, although they later confirmed on their website that the two inmates had barricaded themselves in a room where there were also two prison guards.

Hallby Prison has 98 security class 1 seats, the highest security level of Swedish prisons, according to the Swedish Prison Inspectorate.

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